Tracker Oil and Gas

The multi-award winning BALCONI TRACKER increases the range of the existing mobile network to as much as 150 kilometres out to sea.

Regardless of whether offshore workers are on a moving vessel or a stationary rig, they no longer have to rely on expensive satellite-based communication systems and can keep in touch by phone, fax and email or surf the net at normal mobile phone prices.

The introduction of affordable broadband connectivity has enormous benefits for both the employee and employer. It reduces the isolation and detachment experienced by offshore workers who are separated from friends and families for weeks at a time, helping companies to retain a stable workforce.

The BALCONI TRACKER can be fitted to a vessel or the roof rack of any car for mobility, or fixed to a building or trailer if a more permanent solution is needed.

BALCONI Tracker on FPSO Four Rainbow dwarfed by VSAT, yet BALCONI Tracker is 50 times faster

BALCONI Tracker increasing mobile network