Tracker Marine

The BALCONI TRACKER increases the range of the existing mobile network to almost 200 kilometres out to sea.

This means Private Boat Owners, Ferry Operators and Fishermen no longer have to rely on expensive satellite-based communication systems and can keep in touch by phone, fax and email or surf the net at normal mobile phone prices.

The multi-award winning BALCONI TRACKER is revolutionising communications throughout the world by providing fast, affordable broadband voice and data connectivity in remote areas.

The ground-breaking invention extends the coverage of the existing mobile network by up to 200 kilometres, minimizing black-spots on land and offshore.

The BALCONI TRACKER is an economical alternative to satellite.

It can be fitted to a vessel or the roof rack of any car for mobility, or fixed to a building or trailer if a more permanent solution is needed.

The BALCONI TRACKER can also be attached to Auto-Deployable masts to ensure an even greater range.

The BALCONI Tracker revolutionising marine communications

The BALCONI Tracker extends coverage up to 200 kilometres