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Nurses visit more than 200 isolated aboriginal communities
Health workers can access a patient's data instantly
Isolated patients can be monitored in their own home
Instant and reliable connectivity reduces staff safety concerns
Instant connection to hospitals


Tracker Healthcare

The multi-award winning BALCONI TRACKER is a world first, providing fast, affordable broadband voice and data connectivity to remote areas.

It's revolutionising communications in the remote Health Care Industry, where the inability to instantly communicate is posing a health risk to patients - and a safety risk to workers.

The ground-breaking BALCONI TRACKER extends the coverage of the existing mobile network by more than 150 kilometres, minimizing black-spots.

The BALCONI TRACKER will reduce the lengthy delays faced by patients for diagnosis and treatment, by allowing remote Health Workers to immediately communicate with a Doctor, or to send away data for analysis, without having to be at the clinic.

The device also enables the use of digital wound- imaging technology in isolated areas.

The BALCONI TRACKER can be fitted to the roof rack of any car for mobility, or fixed to a building or trailer if a more permanent solution is needed.

If a greater range is needed, the BALCONI TRACKER can also be fixed to an Auto-Deployable mast.

BALCONI also provides solutions to enable high-quality Video Conferencing from anywhere in the state, which has huge potential for the tele-health and home hospital areas.

BALCONI Tracker on Kimberley ambulance

BALCONI Tracker at Broome Hospital

Connecting remote communites