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Remote Emergency Workers can communicate instantly
...whether they're fighting fires...
...attending a seige...
...searching for survivors...
...rescuing crash victims...
...or calling for help...


Tracker Emergency Services

During a disaster such as a bushfire, oil spill or train crash, the inability of remote Emergency Service Workers to communicate instantly with Command Posts, Hospitals or Headquarters, creates a safety risk for them and the public.

The multi-award winning BALCONI TRACKER enables Emergency Workers at the scene to access fast, affordable broadband voice and data connectivity in isolated regions.

The ground-breaking technology ensures secure, affordable and reliable connection by extending the coverage of the existing mobile network by more than 150 kilometres, minimizing black-spots.

The New South Wales Water Police have recently installed a TRACKER onboard the MV NEMESIS to enable the crew to achieve long distance telephone and broadband connection at sea.

The BALCONI TRACKER can be fitted to a vessel or the roof rack of any car for mobility, or fixed to a building or trailer if a more permanent solution is needed.

The BALCONI TRACKER can also be fixed to an Auto-Deployable mast to ensure an even greater range.
The BALCONI Tracker onboard the NSW Australia Police Vessel NEMESIS

Emergency Services fighting fires