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Hanseatic Marine Silver
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Lady Astrid
Lady Grete
Havila Harmony
Far Saltire


Luxury and Commercial Vessels

Over the past 20 years, BALCONI has established itself as a leader in it's field with state-of-the-art custom Communications Solutions for Luxury Yachts.

BALCONI has designed, installed and commissioned the Telecommunications, Computer Networks, Entertainment and Security Systems on more than 20 Superyachts in Australia, Europe and the USA.

Shipyards can select their level of involvement to fit in with their internal resource infrastructure.

Our service includes:

  • Working with the shipyard and the client to offer best-solution systems
  • Total turnkey service, hardware supply, custom systems drawings, installation and commissioning

BALCONI Telecommunications onboard
the Havila Harmony

BALCONI supplies Satellite TV, VSAT, Computer Networks, Video Conferencing, Telephony, Broadband Wireless Internet, CCTV and Crew Paging.

BALCONI is currently working on one of Evolution Motor Yacht’s latest projects - a 34 Catamaran Superyacht. The Vessel will include a BALCONI TRACKER and the new BALCONI VIDEO CONFERENCING SYSTEM.

BALCONI’s contracts include:

Commercial Commercial Luxury
Far Fosna
Far Saracen
Far Scandia
Far Scimitar
Far Shogun
Far Sky
Far Sound
Far Spirit
Far Strait
Far Stream
Far Supplier
Far SwanLady
Lady Caroline
Lady Sandra
Lady Christine
Far Sword
Far Grip
Far Swift
Lady Guro
Lady Cynthia
Lady Gerda
Lady Grace
Lady Astrid
Lady Kari Ann
Lady Melinda
Lady Valisia
Lady Grete
Ocean Bounty
Ocean Epoch
Cossack Pioneer
Four Vanguard
HMAS Warramunga
Havila Harmony
Acergy Porteous
Far Saltire
Sapura Acergy
Sapura 3000
Sapiem 10000
Ensco 109
Bourbon 104
Ocena Legend
Ocean Patriot
Jack Bates
Southern Ocean
Ocean Protector
McDermott DB40 Barge
Komodo Rig
Anya - 34 metre Catamaran
Silver - 75 metre
Ulysses Blue - 38 metre Yacht
Sea Bowld - 50 metre
Oceana C - 50 metre
Opal C – 40 metre
Mystique – 55 metre
Perfect Prescription – 52 metre
Antipodean - 38 metre
Bolkiah1 – 55 metre
Hayman Ferry – 52 metre
Llyod’s Ships Hull 38 – 50 metre
Mercedes I – 30 metre
Mercedes II - 55 metre
The Other Woman – 55 metre
Moecca – 40 metre Cat
Matrix - 24 metre Cat